Telkom Automated Conference call – SA

Telkom automated teleconferencing can connect upto 40 particpants at once without any operator assistance.
The service is very easy, simple and convenient to use.

How to set up Telkom Teleconferencing call.

  1. : Conference originator selects a five digit non-repetitive and non-sequential pin that provides security and confidentiality
  2. The originator informs the participants of the selected five-pin number and the time of call
  3. Originator then tell the participants to dial at an agreed time the number 0862 000 000, then the voice prompt asks the participants to enter the pin followed by # key e.g 78990#, and the conference call is initiated immediately.

If you are using Vodacom or MTN network you can also intiate a teleconferencing call by following the links:- Conference Call Vodacom, Conference Call MTN

The good news is that A person who, for any reason, disconnects from a conference call can rejoin the conference by simply re-entering the PIN, instead of phoning the operator, as is the case with operated assisted teleconferencing.

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